[F4A] After the Fallout: Breeding a New Society

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill] [Fallout] [Beast] [Dog] [Rape] [Transformation] [Gangbang] [Oral] [Anal] [Blowjob] [Creampie] [Impregnation] [Breeding] [Bitch] [Mind Control]

Listen to me get Mounted like a Bitch

Description: Set in the Fallout universe. With society collapsed, all hope for the future rests with a scientist, a group of dogs, and an experimental serum. Against her better judgement, the doctor decides to test the serum out on herself. At first, everything appears to be fine, but she soon learns that there may be more to the experiment than what she was told.

RottenPines wrote this script and even though I don't play fallout, I knew you guys would enjoy seeing Rex get his Due.