[F4A] Cerberus turns on his new master

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script fill] [Beast] [Rape] [Demon Dog] [Two Canine Dicks] [Anal] [Double Penetration] [Oversized Insertions] [Crying] [Intense] [Knot] [Bad End for the Villain] [Implied Mindbreak] [Defeated Damsels]

Listen to the beast turn on his master here

You fool, you're too late! Did you really thing you could still stop me? Turning up here, now? The summoning ritual is already complete! I have won. Yes, yes, watch in fear and awe as the ultimate beast, Cerberus, the Demon Dog of Hell, rises forth from my pentagram, bound to do my will!

Oh yes, look how huge he is! Seven feet tall, sixteen feet long, and all pure black infernal muscle. The most powerful summon of the seven planes, mine at last! [Evil laugh]

Oh, are you surprised to see that he only has one head? Cerberus is renowned for having three, is he not? Well, I'm afraid the myths might have been a little misleading, you see, his other two heads are the heads you can see bulging at the tips of his twin giant penises!

This script was written by Defeated Damsels and was one of the most extreme he has ever written. Hope you enjoy!