[F4A] Every Hour Must Be Accounted For

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Free Use][FSub][Objectification][Humiliation][Lady Sounds][Used][Office Whore][Rape][script fill]

Hear about every hour Here

I work 60 hours a week at my new job. I’m compensated very well, but every single hour must be accounted for. My firm doesn’t stand for wasted time. The second I walk in the door, I’m put to use.
When I first applied for this job, I was told it would be unconventional. Unconventional, but my actual position was made very clear. I’m here for stress relief. I’m here to do what I can to make everyone’s lives easier. To help alieve their frustrations. I’m the firm’s cum dump. I’m the office whore, open for use to anyone who wants it. From the moment I step into the building, to the moment I leave, my body is there for anyone and everyone who wants it. It is not my job to struggle. It is my job to obey.

This script was by r/superhappydeathsquad and I performed it a while back. So this is a re-post, but I hope you enjoy.