[F4A] Evil Genius

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [script fill][Rape] [Beast] [Sexual Slavery] [Sexual Torture] [Wax Play] mention of being [Held at Gunpoint] [Defeated Damsels]

Listen to me be an Evil Genius here

Well well well Agent Double-0 5, so you gained access to my inner sanctum without triggering any of the alarms.
No no no, you've caught me quite unawares. As you can see, my hands are empty, I have no weapon. You have truly caught me off-guard. You got me. You win.
Relax! In your left hand, you hold the control core of my doomsday device. In your right, a Walter PPK, pointed directly at me. You could kill me at any moment if I were to try anything. You've won. I've lost.

this script was written for me by Defeated Damsels and I hope you enjoy hearing my evil side.