[F4A] Filthy Family FreeUse Contract

Updated: Jul 18

tags: [age][ageplay][BDSM][beast][cheating][creampie] possible[cum eating][dog][faceriding][freeuse][fsub][girl on girl][impreg][incest][knotting][narrative][nipple clamps][prostitution][pussy spanks][ScriptFill][swallowing][threesome][voyeurism][MrLicoriceReturns]

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I suppose if I were to say what my job is, it would be "live-in escort." It isn't exactly accurate because what I do depends entirely on the contract that I enter into. *At this point,* I'm a live-in escort.

This script is by u/MrLiquoriceReturns and was done back in 2018. Hope you enjoy