[F4A] Grasping Power

Updated: Jul 18

Tags: [Script fill] [RAPE][Tentacles][Witchcraft][Lovecraftian] [Fucking][Anal][Mouth Fucking][Gagging][Betrayal][Knife Play][GRAPHIC][This Is Fantasy Fiction Written By An Adult For Adults][sandystockings2]

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Do you feel the power? Like lightning and tide as our master’s hunger crashes against the human world. Can you hear it? The angry aching silence of his need.
Ah, you hear only the moans. Exquisite, aren’t they? Those are the men and women the master has taken in thrall. As tribute. Payment. Sacrifice. They spend eternity writhing in the service of our lord’s appetite.

This script was written by the great SandyStockings2 but she did take it down. It is a great story and so much fun when I recorded it. Enjoy!