[F4A] The Futa Academy Prequel - Chapter 1 of 5

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

tags: [Futa][Gay sex][fem boi][its back!][masturbation][cam show][using vegetables]

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Bailey groaned in response, quickly falling back into the warm embrace of blissful unconsciousness, only to be stirred by the voice once again.
“Earth to Mr. Hudson.” The voice became impatient.
“I don’t wanna wear the sailor suit.” Bailey groaned, his eyes still shut.
There was a wave of loud laughter and it was in that moment that Bailey fully woke up, realizing that he had fallen asleep in the middle of class. His eyes snapped wide open, though his lids were still heavy as he sat up straight, coming face to face with his History teacher, Miss Angeli.

Once again we go into the word of Bailey and Miss Angeli. these happened before the original series found here