[F4F] Mom's Basement

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script fill] [Inexperienced younger woman][Best friend's mom][FemDom][MILF][Rough sex][Legal teen][Rape][Kidnapping][Chloroform][Basement dungeon][Mommy's secret "Fun Room"][Whipping][Face-sitting][Breathplay (with whip!)][Mommy Dom, literally] [Mominatrix?][Aftercare]

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Wakey wakey, sweetie. Are you feeling all right? I'm afraid I knocked you out a bit longer than I intended. No, no... just relax. Everything's fine, I promise. (Pause) That's right, baby. Take it all in. Don't be shy. You can let your eyes wander as much as you want. I just love it when teen girls stare at me like that... Drooling all over my thick thighs and full breasts. Fucking me with their eyes, before turning away and blushing as I catch them in the act... (Closing in, whispering) Do you know what's going to happen now? I'm going to break you, little girl. And you're gonna \love* every second of it...

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