[F4F] New Kid At The Bakery Pt 2

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill] [Older Girl] [Big Ass] [Ass Play] [cunnilingus] [Donut Talk] [Food Play] [Lick the frosting off my ass] [glaze me like a Donut] [rimming]

New kid at the Bakery Part 2 here

Are those the day old donuts? [EXCITED] Oh my gosh, is that an uneaten red velvet cake donut (please feel to change to your favorite donut)?!? That’s my favorite! May I have it? [BEGGING] Oh Pleeeeeassse?

I was given this script written by u/the_doubleu and thought it was kinda cute. thjey wanted me to flip it to F4F which I did....so enjoy!