[F4M] A Chance Meeting in the Park

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Rape] but also [Rape] [Fsub to Fdom] [Futa] [The Predator Becomes Prey][Anal][Snuff][Script Fill]

Meet Me In The Park...By Chance?

(talking on the phone) I just got off. I'm on my way home right now.
(apologetic) I know. I'm *really* sorry that I'm late again. (saucy or seductive) I'll make it up to you later.
Yeah. It won't be long now. I'm, uh, maybe twenty minutes away.

the great LSI wrote this script for me when I hit 2000 subscribers (now I'm almost at 5000) on reddit. I hope you enjoy a bit of Rape here