[F4M] A Desperate Lost Girl Knocks On Your Bunker Door During The Zombie Apocalypse

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

tags: [Script Fill][Zombies][Rape]Because He Threatens You With A Gun, It Turns Consensual[Gunplay][Blowjob][Ball Sucking][Deepthroat][Riding][Creampie][ALL the dirty talk][Optional: BAD END version][With Snuff!][RBU]

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They called you crazy for preparing for the end of the world. Well, they're wrong, and now they're dead, or turned into something worse. When the zombies showed up you were prepared for it and immediately ran to your fortified bunker that you spent years stocking with food, ammunition, and supplies. However a strange girl trying to escape the chaos outside desperately knocks outside begging you to let her in...

This script is by the wonderful RainbowBloodUnicorn and I thought it was a good one for the season!