[F4M] A Seductive Queen Relaxes In Her Stables After A Long Day of Ruling Her Kingdom

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill][Beast][Three Horses/One Sultry Queen][Handjob][Titjob][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Ball Sucking][Doggy][Anal][Multiple Creampies][Cumplay][Extreme, Filthy Amounts Of Dirty Talk][Many More Tags Inside Script]

Listen to the Queen without Horse SFX here

Listen to the Queen WITH horse SFX here

Ugh! What a long day! All these ceremonies and council meetings really take it out of me! Guard! Are the stables cleaned out and my stallions hobbled like I ordered earlier? I wish to have some relaxing, 'unwinding' time with my stallions tonight...

**DISCLAIMER: This audio involves beast and a woman engaging in sex acts with multiple horses. This is a very extreme script and If the tags offend or disturbs you in anyway please click away now and do not listen to the audio. This audio is a commission by a user who wishes to remain Anonymous. This is a fantasy post by adults for adults. Please enjoy responsibly.**

u/RainbowBloodUnicorn and I were both approached to do this commission. He wrote the script and I took on the recording and the wonderful u/kilbeggan32 did the edits. I hope you enjoy extreme and have fun with this one....