[F4M] Aftercare for my sweet boy

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script fill][Sweet][Loving][L-Bomb][Adoring][Bondage mentions][Aftercare]

Get your aftercare here, good boys

Mmmmm..oooohhh my sweet boy you did oh so well tonight. [A few loving kisses.]
Here, let me get these cuffs off of yooouuu...and help you lay down. Mmmm do you feel weak, baby? That's okay, I've got you.
Let's scootch down a little bit so you can be comfy, and I'll take your blindfold off.

u/DirtyThrowAway49 wrote this adorable script . Come and be my sweet boy, let me snuggle you and give you a snack after that scene. I'll make you feel better.