[F4M] Bribing your best friend's younger brother

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [slutty girl][age][big dick][virginity][riding][script fill]

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So as you've probably guessed, your sister and I are... well, we've been partying. And I know your parents don't let her come home late, that's why when we heard that they were going out of town, the same weekend there was a party, I really wanted her to come with me. You know how she barely gets out, what with her schoolwork, and her job. I mean, I think your parents push her too much. She's already been accepted to, like, Harvard, or whatever, so why does she still need to work so hard?

this sexy script was written by _SimonSays_and performed by me a while back. Got taken down for age reasons so you guys all get to enjoy it again!