[F4M] Bully's Confession

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill][fdom] [msub] [highschool] [sadism] [masochism] [bully] [confession] [bully to lover] [petplay]

Listen to the Bully Confession here

Alright, I want to hurt you. I know that’s weird but I just- I want to slap you and spank you and squeeze you. And I want to call you names and bite you all over, and cover you I’m bruises, hickeys and indents. I want to hear what sounds you make and how you squirm and thrash, because trust me, you’re the type to squirm and thrash. I know it’s weird and you’re probably really scared but I want it and I want you to know that because

This script was written by u/M00n_Men and I do so love a romantic yet sadistic bully. I hope you enjoy too