[F4M] Cursed Cassette Tape Turns Modern Tomboy into 80s Music Video Vixen

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Thanks for coming over for Halloween. If it were any other year we’d probably be at some party or something. Or maybe just playing video games together and then handing out candy to trick-or-treaters as they came by. Well, giving out what we didn’t eat ourselves.

It will just be me and you, as I said earlier. I see you brought some stuff to drink. I can always count on you to bring the good stuff.

I guess you haven’t seen the new apartment since you helped me move in. It wasn’t the best time to move, what with everything going on. But I needed a new place, and you offered to help me move. Not that I had too much stuff to move really.

I am looking forward to just hanging out tonight. Maybe we will get some trick-or-treaters even with everything going on. I know we’ll find something to watch on tv, or games to play. But, um… I may have had an ulterior notice in inviting you over.

Oh, wait. When I said that, it sounded like maybe I was hinting that… I don’t know. This was a date or something, and not just two friends hanging out. But I do need something from you.

I… I need you to confirm I’m not going crazy. Because I think I’m trapped in an 80s music video...

This Script by homersoc_ was one that I picked for myself for a change. I loved the concept and being a child of the 80's this was so much fun!