[F4M] Don't Lie About Finding Your Presents

Tags: [Script Fill][fdom][mommy][bad boy to good boy][buttplug][pegging][onlyfans][lashing][pegged orgasm][cunnilingus][booty for charity][BensonSmythe][FUCKOFFANDDIE2020]

Find out what happens when you lie here

Someone has been searching this house for Christmas presents and found them.
Sweetie, Honey, Dear, the more you play coy the more you’re going to be in trouble.
You replaced the floorboard incorrectly.
See, you shouldn’t even know the floorboard exists.

I loved the script that BensonSmythe wrote for me to kick off his countdown to 2021. I hope you check out the rest of them and listen to all the holiday greatness from this awesome writer.