[F4M(F)] Doggy Surprise 1 & 2

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Part 1 tags: [Script Fill] [rape][beast][dog][knot][age][incest][daughter/mother][daddy/daughter][bondage][self-bondage][panty gag][blowjob][corset][high heels]

Part 2 tags: [Script Fill] [beast] [incest] [mother/daughter] [father/daughter] [rape] because [reluctance] [blowjob] [creampie] [knot] [knotting] [dog] [dog cum] [Cunnilingus] [dirty talk] [bondage] [high heels] [lingerie] [forced orgasm]

Listen to part 1 here

Listen to part 2 here

**Warning: These both involve graphic dog senerios and incest. Please be warned they are a fantasy for adults by adults. **

These two scripts are not posted publicly anymore but are by u/heelboy67 and I did enjoy this story coming to light, as short lived as it was. have fun!