[F4M][FF4M]The Ideal Birthday & The Ideal Birthday Surprise

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

tags: [Futa][Chastity][cheating]mentions of [impreg][blowjob][cucking][oral][anal][romantic][surprise!][JamieMcKafee]

The Ideal Birthday part 1 here (now the correct link)

The ideal birthday surprise part 2 here

Your best friend meets you in a coffee shop to catch up. She knows something is wrong but you don't want to spill the beans. (get it? beans...) turns into a rather long and interesting conversation with her...
thought you might want to know how it all ends... so come see your Birthday Surprise! (part 2)

Both of these scripts were written by JamieMcKafee who is a great writer. I hope you enjoy them both!