[F4M] Free Use Submarine Captain

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill] [Free Use] [Gangbang] [Anal] [Double Penetration] [Airtight] [Deepthroat] very mild [Dubcon] mentions of [Impreg][DefeatedDamsels][SFX in One]

Hear With SFX

Without SFX

Attention all submarine personnel. This is your captain speaking. I am afraid there has been a significant complication to our mission. As you all know, if this stealth mission is to fail, it is likely that World War Three will break out. We cannot let that happen. And yet, less than six hours into our voyage, just as we were leaving signal range and completing our descent, I received an urgent message from High Command. It appears that a single test-tube of an experimental bio-weapon was found broken near the mess hall of the naval base we were docked at. This means that there is a chance, however unlikely, that the chemical agent contained inside has infected one or more of our crew.

Defeated Damsels wrote this slutty script about a submarine captain. I did one version with SFX and one without.