[F4m] I *said* I was going to fuck you up

Tags: [RAPE] [Script Fill] [anal] [futa] [FDom] [bullying] [degradation] [choking] [size difference] [Amazonian bully vs wimpy nerd] [creampie][helenbach]

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And part 2

Shut your fucking mouth. (Slap) I *said* shut your mouth, bitch boy. I said I was going to fuck you up if you didn't bring me money every day this week.
I *said* shut. The fuck. Up. Or I'll make you.
How am I going to make you? Look at me! I'm twice your size, you little shit. I've got a foot and a half on you, easy. My arms are bigger around than your legs are. I've got muscles on my muscles, and you look like you can barely carry your backpack.

This script was written by u/hellenbach and I performed it a year or so ago. I still love it.