[F4M] Like Gold

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

tags: [Script Fill/flip][Fdom][Sold][Slave][Mistress][Aftermath]of[Edging][Punishment][Degrading][Gentle]to[Mean]back and forth[Cunnilingus][Orgasm Denial][Face Slapping][Blowjob][FaceRiding][Gaslighting][Rape][Brat taming]sort of [Aftercare][_honeyhoney]

Be my boy here

Baby? Are you awake?
Hm… of course you are… You’ve been here all night. Shh…. stop crying, your blindfold’s all damp. I’m here now.
Here, let me take your gag out. That’s it… breathe… it’s nice isn’t it? Jaw feeling stiff? Aww..... come here… (barely a peck kinda kiss) it’s worth it.

This script was originally written by _honeyhoney and I flipped it to make it F4M. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to u/Kilbeggan32 for the edits!