[F4M] Love and Load

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags:[Script Fill] [Sci-Fi][Battle Cyborg][Failed Prototype][Learning How to Love][Sad Past][Emotional][Warning 37C - Sweetness Overflow][Virgin][Vanilla][L-bombs]

Listen to Love and Load here

Synopsis: You're a young, aspiring scientist who just managed to save enough credits to buy your own lab. One day you go to the old storage room to do some cleaning and you find someone down there. A girl. Or at least... Something similar. She's a hybrid between a human and a machine, and she was completely abandoned by whoever owned the lab before you. You decide to take care of that girl, and you both find out that love can bloom in the unlikeliest of situations.

This script was written by the one and only u/angel_main and I was thrilled to perform it live on my discord. I hope you all enjoy Robot Jaye. Thanks to u/kilbeggab32 for the edits