[F4M] Meet the Gladiator

Tags: [Private Script Fill][Futanari] [Msub] [Harsh FDom] [Reluctance] [Sissy] [Degradation] [Crossdressing] [Body Transformation] [Sex Transformation]

Meet the Gladiator Here

Greetings, stranger. You're a new face. Who am I? My name is Gloria, and I am a Gladiator.
That's right, that means I fight for a living. Yes, hence the sword.
It's okay, you can look. I'm not ashamed of my breasts. We Amazons consider one's chest to be a powerful symbol of womanhood. It is customary for any Amazonian warrior as well-endowed as myself to remain topless, even in public.

This script was written by Aika. The Gladiator is an NPC in their game "Trap Quest" which you can find out more about here