[F4M] Milking Mommy while she Milks You

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill][Incest] Mom/Son] [Mommy] [Breastfeeding] [Nursing Handjob] [Nurturing] [Caring] [Cum for Mommy]

Mutual Milking Found here

Mommy needs your help again, sweetheart.... ...Mnn... that's it. Would you be a dear and unclasp my bra for me? .... Mm, just like that, there we go, thank-you sweetie. Now how do you wanna do this? Do you want to lay your head in my lap like last time? ..I know you like it when I stroke your hair...

A friend found this script by the wonderful Enno_Zalenno and i loved it.  Milking both ways...the best. So enjoy!