[F4M] Mommy's Frustration

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [script fill] [JOI kinda][mom/son][anal][CEI][edging][Fdom][msub][incest]

Hear Mommy's Frustration here

Mommy was on your computer today. [Pause] Quiet. Quiet right now or I'll tell your father exactly what I found. And Yes, I found everything. Your recent history with all your incest stories. Your bookmarks like "Mommy jerk off instructions" and "Mommy will make you Lick it up". Disgusting. [pause] What? You don't get to ask what I was doing on your computer young man... You know what? You think you can handle it? Fine. Your mommy wanted to look at some porn.

This Script

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and was requested by a few of my listeners. I do like playing the mean mommy, so I hope you enjoy!