[F4M] No humiliation, just good sex

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script fill] [Small Penis] [Brief SPH] [Not a kink] [But not kink-shaming][Brief begging] [Cum in mouth] [Vanilla for the most part]

Have some good sex here

"Coming in for a nightcap? I've got a bottle of good wine with our names on it.  And a cheap one after that's gone." *laughs*
*relaxed sigh* " This was a wonderful night.  Although I've got to admit, I have never been asked if I was okay with being fondled while dancing.  I appreciated you making sure I was good with, and appreciated it even more when you started playing with my nipples"
"Well, I won't make you ask anymore."  *kissing* "I'm good with anything you want to do."

This script was written by throwawayblueline and was requested for me to fill. was a cute one that just was vanilla and i hope you enjoy.