[F4M] Older Friend Helps You Relax

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

tags: [Script Fill][Friends to Lovers]: older friend [Comfort]s you. [Tsundere] [Wholesome] [L-Bombs] [Lap/Chest Pillow] [Gentle F-Dom] [Inexperienced] [Breeding] [Aftercare] SO MANY [Good Boy]s [Snuggly] [Headpats] [Teasing] [Sweet] enough to give cavities.

Come on, relax with me here

After a difficult week with some nondescript challenges, the listener gets visited by his supportive older friend who takes it upon herself to look out for him. While she tries to appear in control and confident, she's actually pretty nervous and maybe might kind of have a bit of a crush. Just maybe. Despite her own anxiety, she appears at his door ready to do what it takes to cheer him up.

This Script was written by CelestialWreck and was a kind of cute one. It is sweet enough to give you all the cavities! Hope you enjoy.