[F4M] Red Riding Hood

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [script fill][Fairytale][wolfman][capture][nipple clamps][magic][rape][cruel][handjob][chastity]

Hey there Listen to Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time long long ago in a woodland hamlet, there lived a young woman. Quiet, mysterious, and comely, she was beloved by all who looked upon her, but most of all by her grandmother who doted on the girl and loved her ever so dearly.
On the day of her 16th year, she gave her granddaughter a handsome velvet hood of the deepest ruby red hue, which suited her so well she was never seen without it when out of home; thus the people of the village henceforth called the woman 'Little Red Riding Hood.’

This script was written for me by Jamie Mckafee and taken from one I tried to write long ago. This may be part one if you guys like it. So let me know or let him know how much you like it.