[F4M] Snared by a Siren

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill] [Monstergirl Monday] [Sea Anemone] [Impreg] [Erotic Horror] [Lethal Lovemaking] [Vore]

Come Be Snared by a Siren Here


CONTEXT FOR CHARACTER: You are a sea anemone, a type of aquatic monster. You live beneath the waves, patiently waiting for prey to stray a little too close to your tentacles. One day, when the ocean delivers you a handsome, drowning human, you decide to claim him for yourself before the ocean can. After all, for your species, playing with your food is something of a necessity...

For understanding the 'inner body and outer body', a picture of a sea anemone may help with this. Basically, real sea anemones have tentacles on the edge of their 'mouth' that looks like a blooming flower. These are your arms, your weapons which you use to snare and paralyze your prey, injecting your venom into him. Then you take him inside of your central cavity, where your real body awaits (which looks like a gorgeous woman growing up out of the floor of tentacles).


the wonderful EighthSpan wrote this script and even through it has impreg, i just loved the idea of the monster girl and how she worked. so enjoy!