[F4M] Son Drugs Mother with a Love/Lust Potion

Updated: Jul 18

Tags: [Script Fill][age][bent over the kitchen table sex][Blowjob][dirty talk/angry talk][handjob][incest][mind control][mom son][sort of Split personality][titfucking][wet sounds][kramer34][REPOST]

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A mother and son having afternoon tea together. The son has drugged his mothers tea with a special potion that will make him irresistible to her. It also takes control of her mind and body. This sort of creates a split personality...one moment the angry and confused mother is speaking and the next moment the sexy seductive mother takes control. The passages with the dialogue with hashtags are the seductive part when the potion takes over, and the non hashtag parts are when the mother is coming back into Consciousness, although she is unable to stop what she is doing, like a passenger in her own body.....

This Script by u/Kramer34 was so fun to do. I loved the back and forth of it and changing tones is my fave.