[F4M] Succubus Story 1&2

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags 1: [script fill][Succubus][a lil sweet][romance?][making a deal][Hell is an office][mild fdom][lots of kisses][lots of fucks][condom][missionary][def not vanilla but sort of?][part 1]

Tags 2:[Script Fill][Public Play][Teasing][Surprises in a Box][Vibe Panties][FDom Sorta?][Sex in a Bathroom][Loud][So Many Fucks][Condoms save your Soul][Pound Me][Def not Vanilla but still Sweet]

My Vacation is interrupted here

You take me on a date here

Hell...is an office building with a little more screaming. Just like every other job, demons get vacation time and, trust me they need it; especially the succubi. After a century of sucking, fucking, and every depraved act humanity will sell its soul for, anyone would need a break. When a succubus’s one vacation gets interrupted due to a paperwork error however...well, that’s a story to listen in on.

Part one and Part two were both written by TheSomnambulistWolf and I decided to do the both. I hope you enjoy my succubus. Thanks to Kilbeggan32 for the edits