[F4M] Telling Him to Fuck Her Sleeping Body Via Voicemail

tags: [Script fill] [rape] but more [dubious consent], [friends become lovers] versions, [sleepsex], [drunken sex] [impregnation]

Listen to that voicemail here

Hi. It’s me calling. I knew you wouldn’t answer your phone until you were back here, which is exactly why I called now. But I suppose you’re home now. You left work, then had a few drinks with your coworkers after that at the bar down the street. But now you’re home and in your bedroom. You’ve got a few minutes, so you’re checking your voicemails.
As you may have guessed, I was also drinking a little tonight. I drank some of your stuff, but just a little bit. But it doesn’t take a lot for me to get drunk, does it? Then it’s only a matter of time until I fall deeply asleep for several hours or more. By the time you’re listening to this, I’ve probably been asleep for half an hour.
I called because I wanted you to check on me. So could you leave your room for just a minute, and go into my room? I left the door a little open for you. Go right now.
<sigh> You’re being stubborn. Yes, I know you, and that you’re just standing there. Put on your stupid bluetooth headset so you can just leave your phone in the room. Then go check on me. Now.
<laugh> Wait, don’t go. Yes, I’m naked. But I’m also asleep. I’m probably sprawled out, flat on my back on my bed, with the covers thrown aside. My lamp on the nightstand is turned on just bright enough to let you see me. Sure, your first instinct is probably to give me some privacy, but I’m the one who told you to come here. So obviously I don’t mind if you see me naked and asleep.
So... now that you're here. Perhaps there's some other things you can help me with? Whatever you do is okay as long I give you permission during this voicemail, right?

This sexy script was written by the talented and wonderful homersoc_ and I loved the idea. Hope you enjoy the nice little message I left.