[F4M] The Bitch Queen and Her New Pup

Tags: [Script Fill] [Role Reversal] gentle [FDom] [Don’t Be Frightened, My Beautiful Princeling] [Fantasy] [Being Taken by Her Hand] [Pleasuring Your New Mistress][LSI]

Listen to the Bitch Queen here

The bandit warlord known as “The Bitch Queen” (an aspersion which has taken as her title) is much better educated and well-spoken than she appears. She has a small army, but does not conquer. She raids, and slaves, and profits. She’s taken a small fortress on the edge of a great empire, and her men have told her that they’ve seen a particularly attractive man. They know of her appetites. The story starts as she enters the room where the young man is hiding…

This awesome script was written by the legendary LSI and I love it (and the part two as well which will be coming soon). Go give the man some love for all he does and enjoy!