[F4M] The Breeding Machine

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill] [Rape] [Machine-Assisted Fucking] [Impreg] [Mad Science] [Bad Science] [Drugged] [Medical] [Mental Changes]

Hear the Breeding Machine Here

Who am I? Where are you? Why are you here? Why are you naked? *tsk of annoyance* I'm happy to answer your questions, but please keep them to one at a time. I do so appreciate order. To make things simple, I am a scientist who cares a very great deal about the continued propagation of the human race. You are in my lab, bound within a device of my own making. You are here to be my first live test. And you are naked because the experiment demands it. Don't fret, I assure you it will be nearly painless, and I assume quite pleasurable.

I was begged to do this script by u/ShadowedScripts and so I recorded this live on my discord. It was edited by the wonderful u/kilbeggab32. I hope you enjoy.