[F4M]The Dark Champion’s Regret

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill][Fantasy] [Fdom] lost [Romance] [Regained?] [L-Bombs] [Rape] because he’s her captive [Sad] and a little [Tsundere] mentions [Cheating] but all are [Faithful]

Hear the The Dark Champion’s Regret

You claim to have dedicated your life to fight for the righteous and good, peasant, but what did it cost? You have put your life in danger countless times for an Emperor who will never know your name much less mourn your loss. What did you give up for this heroic life?
A girl from your village? [Laughs] How is one girl a sacrifice? You must have many women lusting for you. You are handsome, in a rough fashion, and confident beyond your years. One girl cannot matter against such opportunities for lust.
You loved her? [Laughter] Oh, gods. The rumors did not lie then. You are pure and wholesome. Well, as much as any man can be.

LateStageInfernalism wrote this script and I loved the story and the ending so I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Also thanks to Kilbeggan32 for editing it for me.