[F4M] The White Queen's Suitor

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill][Fantasy][Queen and Farm Boy][Sweet][Gentle Fdom][Magic][Inexperienced Guy][Finding out her dommy side][69][Riding][Creampie][Aftercare]

Listen to the White Queen here

Synopsis: You are a farm boy coming from a very humble background. After you reached adulthold, your parents found out that the White Queen of the Snowlands is hosting a contest to find a new husband, and they spend all of their savings to send you there in hopes you might get a better life. After all their efforts you couldn't just refuse it, but deep down inside you're afraid. Her family has a long-lasting reputation of being cold, ruthless rulers and powerful sorcerers. When you get there, you're already feeling so uneasy you're almost freezing. But it turns out you and the queen might find out a lot more about each other — and yourselves — than you initially expected.

u/angel_main and I wrote this script 6 months or so ago. I gave others some time to fill it before I took it on myself. I hope you enjoy my take on it.