[F4M] You Left Your Phone Unlocked...

tags: [Script Fill]GFE][Femdom][Mommy Domme][MD/lb] lots of [Good Boy]s and [Mommy]s[Degradation][Leg Worship][Cunnilingus][Cowgirl][Orgasm Control][Creampie][Aftercare]

Listen here to what happens

Hey, hon. Are you looking for something?
Did you lose something?
You didn't lose anything?
Like what? Oh, I don't know. Maybe like your phone. I found it
You left it in the bathroom... unlocked.
Maybe you should sit down.
Yeah... Lot of interesting things left open on there. Let's see, what do we have here? Well, first we have leather, then spanking. Then there's bondage... Lots and lots of bondage. One thing I noticed is that, its mostly men all tied up and not just that, but they're being teased and tortured by women.

This Script by u/forney2591 was one I really enjoyed doing. I like the idea and the writing was choice. I hope you enjoy!