[F4M] You've Been Very Good This Year...And I'm Your Present

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill][Christmas][Sexy Elf][Oral sex][sex][Humor][Light Bondage]

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Anyway, why I’m here, let me explain. You see, Santa, well, he’s busy giving out toys to all the little boys and girls. He’s got his Nice and Naughty list allllll filled out and he’s taking care of all the good children all over the world right now. It’s quite impressive really. He really is quite the guy.
But, what about the grown-ups? What about the hard-working men and women who have behaved themselves alllllll year long, what do they get? Some stale fruitcake from some odd aunt. That’s no fun, is it? No, it’s not. They deserve a little something too, don’t you think, a shiny new toy to play with? Well, Santa thought that as well. So, what do you get a stressed out, over-worked grown-up? What do they get?

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! the wonderful u/SuperHappyDeathSquad wrote This Script ]( so that YOU get ME as your gift!!! Thanks to u/kilbeggan32 for the edits and extra attention he gave this one <3 "All the music has been taken from YouTube's Audio Library."