[F4M]Your Cow Girl Bestie Needs a Favor

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill] [Monster Girl][Friends to Lovers][Thicc][Holstaur][Big, Engorged Breasts][Arm Cast][Milking Her][Confession][Making Out][Shy] to [Super Horny][Breastfeeding][Lap Grinding][Reverse Cowgirl][Creampie][angel_main]

Do a favor for your bestie?

For this one, I think I pretty much blended together everything that defines the word "juicy" for me. A thick cow girl with big tits and booty to spare, yoga pants, lactation, grinding / lapdance, a creampie... The list goes on, but I'll leave the rest to be found out on the script xD. And, of course, some wholesome Friends to Lovers always makes everything better!

The beautiful script written by /angel_main is a good read. it was fun...never thought of myself as a cowgirl but i think i like it!