[FF4A] The War Of Conscience - All 4 parts

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: 1: [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary] [rape][possible ASMR][knife play][snuff][penetration][surprise ending] 2: [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary] [rape]{possible ASMR][gun][penetration] 3: [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary] [rape][possible ASMR][bondage][roofie] [all three holes] 4: [whispers][headphones needed][moral quandary][possible noncon] and because of that [rape] [ASMR possibly][bj][finger fuck] [titjob][pussy pounding][corruption] [COLLAB with u/BlissfullyQuiet]

Listen to part 1 here

Listen to part 2 here

Listen to part 3 here

Listen to part 4 here

I wrote all these scripts and this is posted with u/BlissfullyQuiet 's permission. the premis is we are the devil and angel on the shoulders of a guy and its a battle to see who wins. This audio does contain RAPE themes so be fair warned...and enjoy