[FF4F] A Double Date with Diana

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Script Fill] [Wonder Woman] [Supergirl] [Bondage] [Tender] [Pet Name] [Kara’s First Time] [Lesbian] [Fdom] [Cunilingus] [Super Heroine] [Encouragement] [Begging] [Collab w/u/FieldsofLupine]

Listen to the First date here

Listen to the second double date here

Synopsis: It has been several months since you spent an unforgettable night with Diana of Themescara, Wonder Woman. You have been content but when by chance you see her standing waiting in the coffee shop below your apartment with a strangely familiar blonde you can't help but wander over and say hello, where things go from there only time will tell...

The second part of this script by u/rmp792 was one I had to grab the wonderful u/FieldsofLupine to be my Supergirl. No one else would do. u/Kilbeggan32 did the wonderful edits and made this date a reality.

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