[FF4F]&[FF4M][Script fills] New Years Deal

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Tags: [Gentle Fdom][Mean Fdom][MD/lb or Mistress][bondage][degrading][edging][hair pulling][fingering pussy or ass][clit or cock rubbing][whispers] mentions of [pounding] and [impact play] and [free use]

Listen to FF4M w/Bliss here

Listen to FF4F w/Bliss here

Listen to FF4M with 2 of me as Mummy here

(A website special)

I wrote both of these scripts

FF4M here


FF4F here

and I'd like to thank the beautiful and talented


for joining me in filling them. Hope you choose wisely for your new years as we fight over you as Nice domme and Mean domme.