[FF4M] Ravaged by 2 Sexy Cops While You're Recording for GWA

Tags: [Anal Play][Blowjob][Collab/w/u/BlissfullyQuiet][Creampie][Facesitting][Fdom][Fucked][Good Boy][Handcuffs][Headset Recommended][Rape][Script Fill][They Find You Handcuffed While Recording, and Take Advantage][ravishagirl]

Listen Here (With Headphones)

Two sexy and sultry cops burst in on a male listener who is handcuffed, naked, to his bed with a headset on; he was recording a GWA msub script, but he squirmed so deliciously for the ladies while he did, that he bumped the keys to his handcuffs right out of reach. The hapless and very hard msub screamed for help, and the neighbors have called in the cavalry ... or at least, called in two luscious cops. Whatever will these two lovely cops do, finding him like this?

This script was written by u/ravishagirl and performed with me by notblissfullyquiet a while back. thought it was a good time to revisit it.