New Rule Changes

Updated: Apr 11

Hello! Its that time again and my commissions WILL BE OPEN on April 15th (in 9 days} I wanted to let you all know I have made some new and important changes. So if you can read the following before you run off to order in a week or so, that would be great!

  • After you've received the audio, you have one round of changes included in the agreed price in order to make any critiques/request any audio edits, so make this opportunity count. I will only re-record actual mistakes. Further changes will be chargeable at a mutually agreed rate based on the amount of rerecording required.

  • **NEW** I only keep audio files for one year after I make them for you (if they are private) so please plan accordingly and ensure that you store your audio file safely. I will only keep the audacity file for 2 months so edits after that are impossible. (soundgasm links remain unaffected)

  • *New* If you are writing a script and need help I can review your script once and provide general pointers. If you need further help I can also offer an editing service, this costs $10 per 500 words reviewed.

  • **NEW** I now have a 3DIO mic, and can record your custom on it for an extra $20 fee.

  • **NEW** I charge extra if you want your custom to be kept private or if you want me to use your name. Depending on the length of the audio this will be around $5-10. If you do not take this option I reserve the right to publish the audio on one of my platforms. If I do this your identity will be kept private unless you choose to be credited for the commission.

TLDR: I know that is a lot, so to sum up: Changes after delivery may have a cost, I only keep audios for a year and the editable files for 2 months, I can help you with a script for a fee, you can get your audio on 3DIO for $20 extra and lastly its $5-10 extra for PRIVATE. I hope to make your next fantasy come true soon.

Here is the full list