Week of Aug 17-23 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I thought I'd start doing these weekly posts so that you can see what I have posted each week and where. I will even include the paid content (although you have to be on those sites to see it). I did not include the tags but they are on each link when you click it. Use these posts as more of a reference of what was posted each week. enjoy!

Monday: Your CowGirl Bestie needs a Favor

Tuesday: Positive Affermations for ALL little's

You take my Breath Away (Patreon)

Wednesday: My Little Bitch

She Called (OnlyFans)

Thursday: Mommy's Good Boy

The Jungle Book - Part 1(Patreon)

From Your Heels to Your Toes (Syrin)

The Demon's Pet (Demon Lover part 5) (Syrin)

Friday: Night Cap F4F

Night Cap F4M

The Cosy Hoodie

Saturday: Edging circle with Ten guys

Don't go back to school, Mommy needs you

Sunday: Teach me, Punish me, Love me