Welcome to my website

Updated: Jul 18

However you managed to find me, I'm glad you are here. I'm here to make sweet and filthy erotic stories for you to listen to and fall in love with. I hope you stay a while and find a favorite or two....or 30.

I've been doing this for 3+ years now. I started out on Reddit but due to some people not liking how good I've gotten, I got reported for things I didn't actually do. So the blind reddit admins IP banned me. Lovely bunch of monkeys they have working there.

Luckily I have branched out into many arenas and even more are due to come. I'm here, on patreon, pornhub, Quinn, YouTube, Syrin, OnlyFans and more listed here on this website. You can even go to my subreddit and find a comprehensive list of all my audios through the years.

Regardless I am here to stay. Can't keep a good girl down can you? Let me know what you think ...join my discord and tell me or email me or use the contact form. I want you to know my content is here and I'm here and I love all the support I get from each and every one of you.

To my reporters on Reddit? What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, better, bigger and more powerful than you ever could dream. Thanks for making me realize I was a big fish who outgrew that pond.

Also I have a comprehensive list of all my audios and where they are located in a one stop shop here:

My Doc of all my audios