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1: You decided to dabble in the dark arts. You are a virgin and you don't want to be anymore. You found a spell to summon a sex demon in hopes of becoming a kinky ladies man. I mean, who needs a soul anyway, right? Shes down...but she wants to take her time and do this right..... [F4M][kissing] [contract] [virgin] [fingering] [handjob] [demon] [teaching] [monster girl] Length 19:56
2: Time for your second lesson and to drink the next part of your soul,,,quite literally. [F4M][Demon][Summon][Monster girl] [cunnilingus] [BJ] Length 12:50
3: Third times the charm, right? Bringing me back and I finally take that standard virginity. Can't wait for the next two summons where I kink train you and finish off that delicious soul. [F4M][Demon][Summon][Monster girl][virgin][penetration][two positions] Length 10:06
4: Time to start making you kinky and what better way than to play with BOTH our asses. [F4M] [Demon][Summon][Anal][Tail probe][soul eating][milking talk] Length 12:29
5: This is the last installment. One more summons and you will be kinky as hell and your soul will be gone....or will it? [F4M] [Demon][Monster girl turned futa][humbler] a little [pain][anal][milking][pet][fdom] Length 13:01

Your Summoned Demon Lover Parts 1-5

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